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April is a wonderful woman who has been through a lot over the last few years. After marrying and having three children (including a set of twins), the family moved to Crystal Springs, FL. April’s husband was not very nice to her and he left her shortly before he passed away.

Since then April has been dealing with declining health as Polio has put her into a wheelchair and diabetes has wreaked havoc on her health. Since the loss of her husband and the decline of her own health, April has been unable to be active in taking care of her home and there is a ton of work to do!

We plan on building a new ramp in front of her house to give her wheelchair access, (she currently has a ramp that is not in good condition - falling apart - and her wheelchair doesn't fit on) as well as fix a piece of the floor that keeps getting stuck in her wheelchair and has also injured her. There are a number of other tasks that we are excited to help April with. She is overwhelmed at the support and help our team is offering and also very excited to be a part of our adoption process.